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Did you know that there are children right here in Newport News who frequently face embarrassment from lack of hygiene and having to attend school unshowered, wearing dirty clothes?  These students develop low self-esteem and will even skip school to avoid humiliation. As a result, they fall into a cycle of academic failure. 


The Harvest Kidz ministry presents the Kidz Care Tribe Challenge! Each Tribe is challenged to donate a hygiene item to be donated to students at Carver Elementary. Our goal is to provide 50 students with a care package they can take home over Spring Break. Simply check with your tribe leader or view the list below to see what you can donate to put your tribe in the lead! Help the Harvest Kidz minister beyond the four walls of our church! Please bring your donations to the marked boxes located in the life center from Feb 1st thru March 19th.


Tribe              Hygiene Item

Asher             Bar soap/Body Wash

Judah             Deodorant

Joseph           Toothpaste/Toothbrush

Simeon          Baby Wipes/Body Wipes

Dan               Lotion/Vaseline

Naphtali         Bar Soap/Body Wash

Zebulun         Deodorant

Levi               Toothpaste/Toothbrush

Issachar         Baby Wipes/Body Wipes

Benjamin       Fem. Hygiene Products

Gad               Fem. Hygiene Products

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