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Pastor Christina is the co-founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Church, Newport News, Virginia. She is a conference speaker, preacher, empowerment coach and prophetic teacher. Her assignment is to bring revelation and edification to the body of Christ, for Kingdom advancement. 


She is the founder and host of the Daughters of Excellence Women’s Ministry where women, from all walks of life, receive motivational teaching and life coaching to improve their lives by manifesting their God-given abilities and prophetic calling. She is also the founder of the Princess Club; a non-profit organization focused on mentoring young girls through love and acceptance.

Having matriculated at Christopher Newport University, Troy University, North Carolina College of Theology and North Carolina Theological Seminary obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Bachelor in Theology, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate in Theology.

Pastor Christina 

She and her husband, Apostle Chris, share the joy of parenting three wonderful children; Destiny, Chris and Caleb. Pastor Christina’s focus is to prepare believers for their prophetic anointing that will empower their lives. Her ultimate hope is that you are empowered with the word, motivated for success, and revolutionized by faith.

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